Twelve Months’ Worth of Sales in Just Six Weeks…a Retail Success Story

‘Jan’ had been in business for over five years, operating a high-end fashion retail outlet. But despite the fact she stocked beautiful clothes at an affordable price, Jan’s fashion business had never produced an income greater than $170,000 annually.

“When I approached Rhiannon for help, I was at a loss to understand why my revenue just wasn’t growing,” says Jan.

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From Losing $750,000 in Three Hours to Total Financial Freedom

For ‘John’ and ‘Sue’ Traill, the storm couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Their sheep and crop farm in north-west NSW had been in their family for three generations, but Sue and John were at risk of losing it all due to amount of debt they’d gone into to buy John’s dad out.

Then one fateful night bought four inches of rain down on their high value crop of mung beans…a crop that was meant to be their financial freedom.

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Adding Three Million Dollars the Bottom Line in Three Months

We first met Charlie when he came to one of Rhiannon’s Business Mastery Courses and on the surface he appeared to have it all.

At just 45 years of age he had built a successful business that was turning over a couple of million a year, and appeared to be happily married with a young family.

But all was not what it seemed.

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NRL Success Story

Watch video on how Rhiannon has coached NRL elite athletes, to increase confidence on the field and in their daily lives.

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