Sally Callie

Sally Callie

Sally Callie is a Triple Olympian, Current National & Olympic Record Holder, Coach and Educator.

Sally began her Olympic Rowing career by chance; she was talent Identified as a teenager, having the ideal anthropometrical physical attributes of an Olympian. Within 14 months of learning to row, Sally was standing on the podium of the World Junior Championship receiving a silver medal for women’s single scull. Sally went on to represent Australia for the next 11 years, competing at three Olympic Games which culminated with the national ergo record and the Olympic Record, both which still stand today – 14 years later. She credits her Olympic success to not just training the body, but unlocking the mind.

After the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Sally transferred her Olympic skills from the boat to the world of coaching & education.  Tragically, however, not long after retiring from her Olympic career, Sally suffered a debilitating congenital brain injury where she was unable to walk, dress or take care of herself. She spent a year in rehabilitation as a hemiplegic. The drive to live life to its potential stemmed from a newborn baby boy whom she had barely met. She had no choice but to apply her Olympic mindset to get back on her feet. She set goals, implemented Olympic habits, researched neuroplasticity obsessively and found a tribe of family and friends to help her ‘stand on the podium’ again.

The combination of 3 Olympic Games and 1 year fighting for her utopia through her recovery has motivated her to dedicate her skills to helping others progress in their own lives. She has spent many years in the educational teaching space and the sporting arena to turn a goals and dreams for life and career into reality. The term Being Olympic is about changing your mindset to achieving your personal best, no matter what that may be. Striving for Citius, Altius, Fortius in your life, career and business while mastering the art of building a stable platform of balance and clarity.

Today Sally continues to apply the values of Being Olympic to her role as mentor, coach and educator. She is also a mother and wife, member of the QLD Olympic Education Council, she manages the QLD Rowing junior state team & works at one of Brisbane is leading independent schools. She finds it incredibly rewarding to be an active member and leader within a number of truly authentic educational communities that engages and inspires those who have a love for learning: where students, teachers and coaches collaborate, connect and learn.

Being Olympic is about changing your mindset to achieve your personal best, no matter what that may be.

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