Maui Retreat September 2019

September 2019 Retreat

Date: TBC
Location: Maui, Hawaii


Four Day Event Covering:

  • Breaking Free From Self Limiting Beliefs
  • Four Days of Conscious Coaching Conversation (learning how to take responsibility for yourself)
  • Learning how to use Subconscious Techniques to rapidly increase your income
  • Learning how to awaken to your true potential and live a life on purpose
  • Exposure to internationally acclaimed guest speakers
  • Workshopping problems and opportunities to become more resourceful for life
  • Learning how to understand non-verbal communication (more than just the 7% of meaning that is translated every time we have a conversation through words – i.e. 93% of all communication)
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Yoga, and
  • Raw/Wholefood (mostly organic).

This retreat is a full immersion programme and only geared to people who are truly committed to change and know that they deserve so very much more.

You are invited to join me.

Special Guest

Sally Callie

As a Triple Olympian, Sally knows everything about harnessing your mindset to achieve your personal best. Still a National & Olympic Record Holder, she has climbed the highest peaks in achieving one's full potential of mind and body. Today Sally continues to apply the values of Being Olympic to her role as mentor, coach and educator. She is also a mother and wife, member of the QLD Olympic Education Council, she manages the QLD Rowing junior state team & works at one of Brisbane is leading independent schools.

Find out more about Sally here.

Keynote Speaker

Bernadette Galea

Bernadette is a registered psychologist with over a decade of counselling experience. She is also a fully qualified teacher of the Enneagram, a powerful personality system which helps us to understand the unhelpful patterns in our thinking, feeling and behaving which block us from living a life of freedom. Bernadette’s warm and compassionate approach makes for a fun and lighthearted look at the belief systems that hold us back, leading to a deeper sense of self-compassion as well as a deeper understanding of other people in our lives.

Find out more about Bernadette here.

Keynote Speaker

Rachel Whiting

With 30 years of training in Martial Arts, teaching the 5 precepts of Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate-do, Rachel has taken these guiding principles and used them to achieve a satisfying, successful, courageous, and happy life. Simultaneously, for the last 16 years she has been a huge practitioner and advocate for Meditation, being ongoingly involved in leadership roles in meditation groups and retreats for the last 15 years.

Very involved in her local community, Rachel is a playful, energetic yet also calm and centred character who we are so honoured to have as part of our retreat.

Find out more about Rachel here.

Keynote Speaker

Kim Mosser

Kim Moser is a naturopathic practitioner with over 20 years experience. After completing a degree in bioscience and working as a researcher in the field of neuroscience, she decided to follow her true passion. She studied herbal medicine under Dorothy Hall - the mother of herbalism here in Australia, and followed on to become a certified naturopath and kinesiologist. Kim employs the modalities of kinesiology, herbal wisdom, nutritional medicine and iridology to assist with integrated body healing towards total health and wellbeing. 

Kim specifically uses kinesiology to prioritise the healing process to release stored cellular memory and trauma along with out-moded sub-conscious beliefs patterns. This assists each client on their individual journey of self-discovery towards the recognition of their authentic self and ultimately, the manifestation of their full potential.

Keynote Speaker

Maree Clancy

As founder and director of SAY IT NOW voice consultancy, Maree Clancy coaches Corporate individuals and trains Executive teams to make a powerful 1st Impression.

Clients are taken on a journey to reveal and free their voice, enabling them to communicate and deliver their message with authenticity and compelling presence.

Maree believes everyone has a story and a message the world needs to hear. Some of us just need a little help in delivering it.

September 2019 Maui Retreat

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This year sees me doing my 30th Retreat!! Obviously, it’s been awhile since I have updated my last retreat page. I can’t wait to transform your life. To help you with your goals and dreams, whether that be making more money, having more time off, building a bigger business or even some outlandish dream that you never thought was ever possible!! As Nelson Mandela said “It’s only Impossible until it is done.” Come and join me in a tropical resort setting for a truly transformation, life-changing program.

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Disclaimer: As our duty of care, due to the highly transformational nature of these retreats, each participant will be assessed for mental health suitability.

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After participating in Rhiannon’s retreat, I feel as if my life has shifted dramatically. The shift has been towards an opening and an awareness of somewhat of a light. The openness has brought people towards me, as though they are drawn to me. It’s something very hard to put into words. It is somehow spiritual or magical. I have really enjoyed the experience of receiving and getting direction about tuning into an awareness of life. Thank you for sharing with us of yourself, love and all of your experiences.

Chris, Retreat Participant

When I first joined this retreat, I did not have any expectations. All I wanted to do was to learn to be more spiritual and to open up more as a person. I felt a little bit shy at first, however, right off the bat, I felt amazingly accepted by everyone in the group. Each session went by and was more amazing than the last session. I have learned so much about love, learning, sharing and trust. With all of my heart, thank you so very much Rhiannon.

Sue, Retreat Participant

Be part of a business growth program which


Gets consistent and life changing results.


Tackles emotional road blocks & traditional business theory.


Will set you up to actually enjoy your business.


Is only for the brave.

Rhiannon Rees