Total Body, Mind and Soul Overhaul Retreat!

Join just a small group of inspiring others, in an idyllic location and let’s get you moving forward.

For close on 20 years I’ve been running wellness retreats. This will be the 27th that I’ve facilitated in that time.

My clients come from all over the world and from a broad range of industries, and although different in their backgrounds they all share a central reason for coming to me – to breakthrough what’s restricting them and move into the life that they know they are meant for.

The vast majority of my coaching work is done over the phone and Skype but every now and again, for a handful of people deeply ready for change, I offer a special 3 day immersion retreat to go intensively into my coaching/training and wellness programmes.

Lost in direction?

Our retreats are suited to you if:

  • If your choices just don’t seem to be working for you
  • If you’re not happy
  • If you don’t have enough energy
  • If you feel as if you are ambling along lost in direction, yet you know that you deserve something more

Then it’s time to start making those tough decisions in the direction of transformation.

Are you ready?

If you don’t have a clue how to make this happen, how to make your life absolutely mind blowing, to be content and able to create whatever you would like in life…then it’s time to choose YOU. It’s time to gift yourself a much, much better more fulfilling, crazy, happy life…

The real question here is:

  • Are you ready to bat for yourself?
  • Are you ready to get over yourself, go beyond all those self-imposed obstacles and finally live that life?

If you are..

Then hurry up, don’t give yourself time to build more obstacles to your success.

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Join just a small group of inspiring others, in an idyllic location and let’s get you moving forward. No more circling, no more two steps forwards and three steps back.

Come and be immersed in programme with me – one of the world’s leading global change agents – I will help you uncover the “hold backs” that are stopping you from living that awesome life.

I will help you habitualise a new set of powerful beliefs, and equip you with an armoury of tools and skills that I use with all of my private clients; Farmers, Olympians, celebrities, business owners, couples you name it.

My private clients generally share just one hour a week with me, every week, over a number of years.

This full immersion programme delivers over 30 straight hours of face to face coaching and teaching across three days – equivalent to more than 7 months worth of coaching !! If you are chomping at the bit for change, then this is for you!!

Want to hear knowledge in an intimate space with some of the very best speakers in the world?

Do you want to learn a skill set that only very few people have, so that you can finally live the life that you know that you deserve?

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Meet Rhiannon, World Class Business Coach

What is "abundance"?


After participating in Rhiannon’s retreat, I feel as if my life has shifted dramatically. The shift has been towards an opening and an awareness of somewhat of a light. The openness has brought people towards me, as though they are drawn to me. It’s something very hard to put into words. It is somehow spiritual or magical. I have really enjoyed the experience of receiving and getting direction about tuning into an awareness of life. Thank you for sharing with us of yourself, love and all of your experiences.

Chris, Retreat Participant

When I first joined this retreat, I did not have any expectations. All I wanted to do was to learn to be more spiritual and to open up more as a person. I felt a little bit shy at first, however, right off the bat, I felt amazingly accepted by everyone in the group. Each session went by and was more amazing than the last session. I have learned so much about love, learning, sharing and trust. With all of my heart, thank you so very much Rhiannon.

Sue, Retreat Participant

Be part of a business growth program which


Gets consistent and life changing results.


Tackles emotional road blocks & traditional business theory.


Will set you up to actually enjoy your business.


Is only for the brave.

Rhiannon Rees