Rachel Whiting

Rachel Whiting

This bio is not about me, but about you. What can I offer you? How can I help you? I have spent 30 years training in traditional martial arts (Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate-do) teaching the 5 precepts

‘Work to Perfect Your Character’

‘Always Act with Courtesy’

‘Refrain from Harmful Behaviour’

‘Cultivate of Spirit of Effort’

‘Have Fidelity in Seeking a True Way’


These precepts have been my guiding principles in achieving a satisfying, successful, courageous, and happy life. Having struggled through the earlier years of life with both physically and verbally abusive parents and siblings, I have rebuilt my self-image and inner confidence to arrive at a place where I now maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with money, work, and the people I choose to have in my life. I believe I have the keys to the insights you are looking for if you want fulfilment in the personal and professional fields. You just have to unlock the gates!


My journey led me to meditation 16 years ago, being an advocate for personal responsibility and self-development. The changes I have experienced since then are immense, particularly the release from being a victim of my own emotional reactions to people, circumstance, and the external world in general, and an overall awareness of how I choose my ‘identity’. I have been increasingly involved in leadership roles in meditation groups and retreats for 15 years.


Nowadays I teach Mindfulness as an extension of what I have learnt from meditation. My permission to teach comes from Subhana Barzaghi and Ellen Davison (both of the Australian Zen Diamond Sangha, and Vipassana ‘Insight’ Meditation traditions), and I take this seriously. I have not just picked it up because it is trendy! Mindfulness is an everyday, every moment part of how I live and succeed in every aspect of my life. From deep awareness of my own harmful/beneficial views, thoughts, speech and actions, to knowing how to nurture a ‘ground’ for those harmful habits to be transformed into calm, response-able, wise conscious choices.


I have spent many years now working within my local community for positive change within individuals and families. From teaching practical self-defence and the spiritual martial arts, to developing my own Mindfulness programs for ‘Tweens’, Youth and Parents, running Parenting programs and personal development support, to creating and running currently a ‘Wise Warriors’ school program. I have received the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ in Community Services, and continue to drive home the importance of harnessing your ‘Personal Power’ and ‘Standing Strong’ in all my activities and interactions with others.


My character is a very playful, energetic and energising, yet also calm and centred one. I will have you interacting in your body, not just your mind, energised, laughing, overcoming your fears and limited self-beliefs, and walking away smiling and with a pocket full of dynamite techniques, inspirations and realisations towards actualising your ‘True Way’.

Be part of a business growth program which


Gets consistent and life changing results.


Tackles emotional road blocks & traditional business theory.


Will set you up to actually enjoy your business.


Is only for the brave.

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