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The Conscious Coaching Collective Business Mastermind

What it would take for you to feel fully fulfilled, content and happy?

The Conscious Coaching Collective Business Mastermind will provide you with all the skills and tools to change your business and your life forever, so you can:

  • Spend more time with your family
  • Take back control and work on your business, not in it
  • Develop a roadmap so you stay focussed on your goals
  • Understand and free yourself from your self limiting beliefs
  • Achieve a healthy work/life balance by implementing daily practices which will help you change on a cellular level
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Fix any cash flow or staffing issues
  • Set-up or grow your business

What's the point of having a business that doesn’t work?

The Conscious Coaching Collective Business Mastermind is not a course for the faint-hearted or those who are resistant to change.

You’ll need to get used to being uncomfortable, as you get to the truth and realise your problem lies not with others, but with you.

In order to change your business and your life you need to firstly change your thinking. And that involves facing your fears, breaking down your barriers, and understand the self-limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success.

Only then can you start to take back control, make the necessary changes, become open to new possibilities and create the life you want… ensuring your business works for you, rather than you just working for your business.

How do self-limiting beliefs work?

Self-limiting beliefs arise from an “emotional charge” that a negative life event can give to the next life event that has not even happened yet.

For example, if overnight your family suddenly became destitute, losing all their wealth and the family home, then the thought process of a self-limiting belief would go something like this:

“If I make wealth and then I lose it again, it will be devastating for my family.
“Therefore, I would rather not do that, so I won’t create wealth.
“Because if I do create wealth, experience has shown me that I will lose it and devastate my family.”

Despite the fact that this belief is NOT true for all events, and it is only true for ONE event, the devastation for your family was SO GREAT, that your subconscious mind makes it TRUE for all events!

And when self-limiting beliefs are controlling your thought-making processes and decisions, you will always be starting from behind because fear is your driver.

What Is The Conscious Coaching Collective Business Mastermind?

Self-limiting beliefs arise from an “emotional charge” that a negative life event has given you. You then believe that the next similar event will also produce a negative result just like the first event.

  • Planning where do you want to go
  • Teaching, so you can learn best
  • Uncovering your self-limiting beliefs
  • Using a variety of tools to transform these self-limiting beliefs into powerful present beliefs
  • Learning to hear what isn’t said
  • Deconstructing and reconstructing your business

Example Sessions

Session 1:

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Without the end in mind, it is very hard to decide WHERE and HOW you can move forward in both your business and your life…

Which is why in our first session together we will delve into the VISION and OUTCOME for your business and/or your life.

  • You will get really clear and specific about HOW you want YOUR LIFE and or YOUR BUSINESS to look.
  • We will delve into you and what makes YOU HAPPY as well as the POTENTIAL OUTCOME  for both your life and/or your business. And you’ll come away with both long-range and short-range plans…so you can begin to move forward.

Example Sessions:

Session 2

Teach to Learn, Learn to Teach

Teaching is the best way to learn – you teach what you most need to know.

In this session, you’ll get to practice teaching new clients what you’ve learnt from the previous session.

And through the process of teaching others, it will become incredibly clear:

  • what YOU STILL NEED TO LEARN about planning
  • YOUR UNIQUE STYLE of  teaching planning
  • WHERE YOU NEED TO GROW and improve

Because teaching other clients is the most effective way to make your “planning” process a more automatic process.

Example Session:

Session 3

Free yourself from your self-limiting beliefs

This is where we get really up close and personal, with Rhiannon's coaching session.


  • beliefs that are holding you back from the success and happiness that you deserve
  • beliefs that are developed by your subconscious mind to “protect “ you, but they actually end up doing the reverse!
  • beliefs that, quite often, are simply not true
  • beliefs that let fear become your driver
  • beliefs that are subconscious and have a “hold” over you in a way that you’re completely unaware of

This session’s conversations won’t uncover all of your self-limiting beliefs, but they will begin a “peeling back” process of beginning to understand:

  • Why your self-limiting beliefs exist
  • How they can hamper your progress
  • Ways they stop the very things that you do want from occurring in your life

The most important aspects of this weekend are UNDERSTANDING THE POWER of self-awareness, observation, listening skills, and HARNESSING THE POWER of communication.

Because the fastest way to live the happiest, most liberated life is to free yourself from beliefs that no longer serve you…beliefs that are, in fact, not real.

Example Session:

Session 4

Learn to listen to what’s NOT said

Ready to go a little deeper? Because 93% OF ALL COMMUNICATION IS NON-VERBAL these exercises really are critical.

This session you will begin to see how you can connect more deeply with another human being. And our hands-on exercises will help you enable you to understand other people better with:

  • a knowledge of many sub-conscious principles and energetic concepts around the spirituality of business
  • a much deeper understanding of human nature and the need for us all to connect at a heart-centred level
    how to listen to the things that aren’t said

Ensuring every aspect of your business is covered, we will also delve into:

  • financial markers and KPI’s,
  • coaching actual businesses live, and
  • critically analysing written business case studies

If you can then apply what you’ve learnt here to the business arena, then you will truly be able to maximise your client relations, as well as the services that you deliver.

Example Session:

Session 5

Boardroom strategy weekend

In this session, you bring your business to us and my TEAM OF COACHES will give you professional advice on where and how you could take your business to the next level.


We will be taking you through an investigative process to begin to uncover the REAL ISSUES in your business and DISCOVER OPPORTUNITIES AND STRENGTHS that could be harnessed to MAXIMISE YOUR OUTCOMES.

We will also provide you with an opportunity to PRACTICE YOUR CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS with real business case studies.

This final “wrap up” will leave you with:

  • a simple plan and/or ideas for you and your business
  • the ability to see things with a “new” and clearer perspective
  • an understanding of how to make your business a profitable venture that works without you

Throughout the course you’ll also have the support of an appointed buddy so you can both communicate with and motivate each other between the monthly workshops.

You’ll also have access to a private Facebook page, where you can share your experiences, questions, knowledge and advice in a safe and secure environment with other course participants and our team of expert coaches.

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After participating in Rhiannon’s retreat, I feel as if my life has shifted dramatically. The shift has been towards an opening and an awareness of somewhat of a light. The openness has brought people towards me, as though they are drawn to me. It’s something very hard to put into words. It is somehow spiritual or magical. I have really enjoyed the experience of receiving and getting direction about tuning into an awareness of life. Thank you for sharing with us of yourself, love and all of your experiences.

Chris, Retreat Participant

When I first joined this retreat, I did not have any expectations. All I wanted to do was to learn to be more spiritual and to open up more as a person. I felt a little bit shy at first, however, right off the bat, I felt amazingly accepted by everyone in the group. Each session went by and was more amazing than the last session. I have learned so much about love, learning, sharing and trust. With all of my heart, thank you so very much Rhiannon.

Sue, Retreat Participant

Be part of a business growth program which


Gets consistent and life changing results.


Tackles emotional road blocks & traditional business theory.


Will set you up to actually enjoy your business.


Is only for the brave.

Rhiannon Rees